This privacy policy covers users of all Muve services, including our apps, services, delivery, call center  services, and any other on-demand services, who are located anywhere in the world.

This policy describes the data that Muve gathers, how it is used and shared, when it is gathered, and the  options that are available to you.

When you use our mobile application, website, and other online services, Muve collects information  about you.

When you register for a Muve account, we collect information.

When you use our services, data about your device, usage, and location is collected. Data from  additional sources, including partners and outside organizations that make use of Muve APIs.

Additionally, the following data is gathered by Muve or on its behalf.

Your name, email address, phone number, login name and password, address, profile picture, payment  or banking information (including relevant payment verification information), and any other information  you choose to supply are among the details we gather when you create or update your Muve account.

We get the following data when you use Muve.


We use precise or approximative location data, derived from IP, GPS, and wi-fi, when you use Muve services for transportation or delivery. Additionally, the Muve driver app will be used to collect the trip  data. Even in the background, when the Muve app is open, we could be able to locate you.


When you get in touch with our customer service center, we might gather information about you.


We may use your contact information to improve communication or for any other reason if you allow the  Muve app to access your phone address book on your device via our Muve mobile platform.


We gather transactional data about your use of our services, such as the kinds of services you ordered or  rendered, the costs incurred, the locations of pick-up and drop-off, the distance traveled, and any other  pertinent data. Also, we might link your name to the user of your promo codes.


We gather data about your interactions with our services and how you use our website. This includes the  preferences you’ve set, the dates you visited, the pages you’ve viewed, the features you’ve used in the  app, and the kind of browser you’re using. Occasionally, we do this data collection using cookies, pixel  tags, or other technologies that preserve unique identifiers.


The mobile device you use to access our services may be subject to data collection by us. This may include  the hardware model, operating system version, file names and versions, preferred languages, serial  numbers, unique device identifiers, device motion information, and mobile network information.


We even exchange phone numbers to enable voice or SMS communication between the driver and the  passenger. In order to deliver this service, we receive SMS messages as well as call data, including time,  date, and duration. Muve may use all of this data for customer support purposes, like resolving user  complaints and guaranteeing the security and safety of both drivers and passengers. 


When you use and interact with our services, we gather server logs, which may include your IP address,  app features, dates and times of page views, other system activity, and any previous usage of third-party  services.


When you install the Muve app on your device for the first time, the iOS and Android platforms will ask  for your permission in a unique way. This happens when access to specific types of data on your device is  required.


while utilizing our taxi app. After rendering services, drivers are free to use the user ratings. We may also  combine all the data collected when drivers use our website or other services. 


Your information may be used by us to administer and enhance our services, process payments, provide  you with receipts, and provide you with new features.

To stay in touch with you and let you know about any new services, deals, news, or other information  that might be of interest to you. 

To improve data analysis and internal operations.

To estimate the time of arrival or to make communication easier between you and the driver, other ride sharing users, or any of your contacts. 

To provide you with marketing and other information that could be useful. 


Your information might be given to 

  • The driver of a cab service (Muve service providers).
  • Name, phone number, photo (if available), user reviews, and pick-up and drop-off locations for  drivers who may be of interest.
  • To any other service provider you might have requested assistance from through Muve.
  • For promotions, work with our marketing team.
  • In the event that government officials or another appropriate authority require data for any  matter that falls under the nation’s applicable laws, or to defend Muve’s or others’ rights.
  • In the event of a company asset sale, business sale, or merger.
  • In a list of Muve registered users that isn’t specific enough to pinpoint you. 


By signing into your online or in-app account, you can update your account details at any time. To  terminate your account, send an email to Please be aware that under  certain circumstances, we might keep certain information about you on file in order to comply with legal  requirements or, if allowed by law, for appropriate business needs. For example, we might try to settle  the matter before deleting your information if you have outstanding debt or credit on your account, or if  we think you have committed fraud or broken our terms. 


By following the instructions in those messages, you can choose not to receive any more promotional  messages from us. Even if you choose to unsubscribe, we might still send you non-promotional emails  about your account, requested services, or our continued business dealings.


At Muve, we gather and apply data to improve the provision of different products and services,  guaranteeing dependable and practical transportation. The collected data is essential to enhancing the  security and safety of users and services. We also use this data for customer support, development and  research, and to help users, drivers, and passengers communicate with one another. We may also use  the data in accordance with legal procedures, and occasionally offer incentives to users. Every facet of  our data usage policies is underpinned by our dedication to privacy and security, which aims to give our  valued users a seamless and reliable experience.


  • Your apps, websites, emails, and online advertisements may contain cookies and other identifying ┬átechnologies from Muve and its partners.
  • Cookies are little text files that websites, apps, online media, and advertisements store on your  browser or device. These cookies may be used by Muve to do things like: Recall user preferences.
  • User authentication
  • Examining site visits, etc.
  • To comprehend people’s interests and general behavior
  • To monitor how well advertisements perform
  • When you visit our website or use our services, the aforementioned may use cookies, web  beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device. 
  • You have the option to accept or reject cookies; the majority of browsers accept cookies by  default. However, you can change your browser’s settings to alert you when a cookie is received  or to reject cookies altogether; however, doing so may limit the functionality of our website.


This Statement is subject to change at any time. We will notify you through the Services or by another  method, like email, if we make any substantial changes to the Statement or how we handle your  personal information. You agree to the changes if you keep using the Services after receiving this notice.  To ensure you are aware of our privacy practices as they change, we advise you to periodically review the  Statement. 

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at,  or write us at Muve Mobility (Pvt) Ltd. No 309/62, Primrose Garden, Kandy, Sri Lanka.